10 Outdoor Cooking Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Feast

Posted on Nov 14, 2018

A busy kitchen with all burners going is quite a common sight during Thanksgiving. However, you don’t necessarily have to prepare your Thanksgiving feast inside.

Whether you’re a grill master, or just like the idea of preparing a meal out in the crisp, fresh air, there are plenty of ways that you can bring holiday classics — plus a few of your own unique Thanksgiving cooking ideas — to the dinner table.

We have compiled 10 ideas and tips for ensuring that your Thanksgiving feast goes off without a hitch and delivers a satisfying meal for everyone in attendance. 

1. Deep fry your turkey

Our first few ideas center on the turkey. After all, this is the main course for a wide majority of Thanksgivings feasts. Deep frying a turkey must be done outdoors and can still be dangerous — practice extreme caution. Frying your turkey cuts down on prep time and opens up your kitchen for other needs. Make sure to marinate your turkey the night before, or experiment with seasonings and rubs. Also, don't forget about those sides, see 4,5,6 for ways to cook on your FireDisc Cooker. 

2. Smoke a whole turkey 

Achieve a rich, smoky taste with your turkey by smoking the entire thing. While most people think smoking a bird of this size might take a lot of time, it’s actually a lot quicker than you may have realized and the flavor is both unique and delicious. All you need is the appropriate portable outdoor cooker. 

3. Grill your turkey

This might be a no-brainer for grill masters around the country. Throwing that bird on the grill and working your magic can be delicious and gratifying. It’s important that you know what you’re doing when grilling a piece of meat this size. For instance, you’ll want to utilize indirect heat instead of direct heat to avoid burning the turkey. Explore a wide range of brine or rubs to bring a unique flavor to your portable propane cooker or grill.

4. Warm drinks are a great way to stay warm while you cook or eat outside

Whether your gathering is just socializing outside, or you plan to take the entire feast outdoors, beverages and cocktails can be warmed up with the help of a portable propane cooker, grill or another heat source. Hot apple cider is great for the occasion — pumpkin spiced chai tea couldn’t be more popular, either. Something as simple as whiskey, hot water and honey (a Hot Toddy) would also work great.

5. Create a tailgate atmosphere 

Even if you’re cooking outside, that doesn’t mean you have to miss any of the Thanksgiving football action. Hook up a television in the garage or on the patio to ensure this time-honored Thanksgiving tradition remains intact. 

6. Fully utilize your grill or cooker by making an abundance of sides

Most people assume that the main meal is the only thing they can prepare outside. As long as you have the grill on, you can whip together such side dishes as grilled corn on the cob, roasted Brussel sprouts and you can even do the majority of preparation for your green bean casserole.

7. Put a Dutch oven to work

We’ve talked about grilling, smoking and roasting — but a Dutch oven over a flame can help you prepare both classic and unique dishes. Look up recipes for everything from stuffing to cornbread and baked apples for dessert. A Dutch oven helps you slow cook to perfection. Or, if you do not use or have a Dutch oven, ditch this idea and extra pot and just use your FireDisc Cooker!

8. Don’t be afraid to be unconventional

Not only should you experiment with new side dishes, but you don’t necessarily have to revolve your feast around a turkey. You can make other meats like honey baked ham, chuck roast, goose or even chicken. Looking to really switch things up with a meat substitute? Try Tofurky and other vegetarian options! All these can be prepared outside just like your turkey!

9. Bring the whole holiday outside

For families in warmer climates, you can make a tradition out of bringing the entire meal outdoors. Whether you utilize fine china and elegant table settings, or a more rustic set-up with paper plates and cups — as long as family and friends are present, it’s a memorable holiday. Just have a back-up plan in place if the weather turns bad.

10. Safety is the top priority

No one wants to spend the holiday in the emergency room, so make sure to set your cooking equipment up in a safe spot and practice diligent outdoor grilling safety.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Be prepared and use your FireDisc Cooker to prepare this year's Thanksgiving feast. To shop our outdoor portable propane cooker, click here.