How to throw a Cinco de Mayo party (semi) responsibly

Your office might have a fund allowance to get everyone a taco on Cinco de Mayo. That’s great. But we’d like to see the boss give us a half day — the morning, for sure — the day AFTER Cinco de Mayo.

Until that legislation passes (we’re working on it), here are tips on how to celebrate on a weeknight. And stay on track for Employee of the Month honors (again).

  1. Keep appetizers simple

Chips and dip work great, especially for Cinco de Mayo. You can’t go wrong with FIREDISC® Nachos. Consider a small-plate approach. Make Grilled Chicken Quesadillas and Build Your Own Burrito Bowl.

PRO TIP: Go potluck style for sides, desserts, and drinks.

  1. Invite freely

It’s not easy to pin down the popular folks on a Friday or Saturday night. On a Thursday, though? It’s on. You might want to get your invites out soon, though, because yours might not be the only fiesta in town.

PRO TIP: Don’t feel the need to go Saturday night crazy on a weeknight. You’ve got cleanup duty AND have to look alive for possible video conferences the next day.

  1. Serve a simple entree

… if you even go that route instead of small plates. This brunch taco recipe transitions to a weeknight. Breakfast tacos would make an interesting twist. And these potato tacos are pretty stout, too.

PRO TIP: Setting up buffet-style is a great way to let folks get what they want — and keep your work easier as a host..

  1. Mix it up with the seating

If you’re casual on the patio, have some cushioned seats available, and a couple of folding chairs, too. Have a few more options than bottoms to go in them so people can move around. If you’re seating, split up couples and best friends to promote mingling.

PRO TIP: Keep lighting light. Outdoor light strings and votives give a more relaxed ambiance than overhead lighting.

  1. Start early, end early

Invite folks to come after work rather than at a set time. Encourage them to come as they are. Serve drinks with appetizers, and switch to non-alcoholic beverages with dinner.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget dessert! Not only for something sweet but because it also signals the end of the evening. Finished your flan? Fantastic. Good night!

A weeknight party is a good thing because everyone’s kind of in the same boat. Been working all day? Look forward to unwinding with good friends and great food. And still, be in bed by 10. Party animals need sleep, too.