Cowboy Wok Grill in California

When you’re ready to enjoy a good cookout without all the stress and hassle of a traditional grill, get ready to experience something totally new with our specially designed California cowboy wok grill. The FireDisc Cooker is modeled on the plow disc cookers of our farmer forefathers. This portable, durable, high-performance grill will make cookouts with family and friends easy and delicious. 

Stop worrying about getting the truck ready to transport your big, heavy grill or getting frustrated with the charcoal and incessant smoke of your old grill. When you’re having a BBQ with your friends and family, you should be able to cook without sacrificing your ability to participate and really enjoy the party. With our cowboy wok grill in California, that’s finally possible.

Why Chefs Won’t Stop Talking About Our Cowboy Wok Cooker in California

Our California cowboy wok grill was designed to be right for everyone from the casual hunter and backyard griller to the top chefs. The ultra-high carbon steel construction gives you an indestructible grill built to last, as well as a cast-iron quality cooking experience with fantastic seasoning and flavor and a non-stick surface for stress-free grilling and clean-up.

Best of all, this California cowboy wok cooker breaks down into three simple pieces for transportation without the hassle. Just stow the pieces in your truck or the trunk of your compact car, then set it up in seconds when you arrive and get down to business. All you need is a small 16 oz. tank of green propane for cooking and some water for a fast, one-minute cleanup when it’s all over. You’re ready to cook everything from burgers to vegetables to chili, fajitas and more.

Choose Your California Cowboy Wok Cooker Today

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