Cowboy Wok Grill in Houston TX

The “cowboy wok” (discadas) is legendary in Texas among those who cook outdoors – whether it’s on a camping or fishing trip or just a backyard get-together or tailgate party. The FireDisc Houston cowboy wok grill takes your outdoor cooking to a new level.

What Is Unique About Our Houston Cowboy Wok Cooker? 

The FireDisc Shallow Portable Cooker is lightweight, portable, and can be set up and disassembled in just minutes. Choose from a height of 24 inches or 36 inches and from red or black. (We also have selected team colors available.) It can be used with either a small or large portable propane tank.

The cooker folds flat so that you can easily transport it in your car or boat. Its flexible stand lets you set it up on uneven ground, so you can use it virtually anywhere. It’s small enough to use at your campsite, on a porch or at a parking lot tailgate party.

The skillet portion of our Houston cowboy wok grill is made from polished carbon steel. It’s durable, easy to clean and withstands all sorts of weather. It’s literally bullet-proof. The shallow skillet is perfect for cooking fajitas, stir-fry, chili, vegetables or your catch of the day.

Check Out Our Cowboy Wok Grill in Houston TX and Other FireDisc Products

While you’re on our website or in the store, take a look at our deep portable propane cookers. They’re also available in two heights. They’re built for the same convenience, portability and durability as our Houston cowboy wok cooker. We also have a selection of accessories like our “Ultimate Cooking Weapon” and “Ultimate Frying Weapon” to help you get the most out of your outdoor cooking experience.

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