5 resolutions for 2021 we can get behind (and start now)

We’ve been thinking of a possible resolution to resolutions.

We’re stumped. And although the only alternative to new year’s resolutions is … no resolutions … we’re just not the giving-up type (FIREDISC® Nation can relate.) So we tossed out the sucky ones, about going to bed early and watching better quality TV. That was a start.

With a nod to stuff we love to do anyway, we thought we’d make this list a bit more intentional.

Felt pretty resolute to us. So here they are. Five resolutions we feel will make us all a little bit better. And that’s a good thing. Especially as we spend more time outdoors and around our FIREDISC®. Good food, good times.


Why do we make resolutions anyway?

To set goals at the start of something new – a job, a house, just after hunting season, Jan. 1 – is human. Resolutions give us something to strive for. If there’s an end result to it, it’s also a vision of a better us. Even the resolutions that don’t stick at least demonstrate we want to change.

Resolution 1: COOK MORE

Global lockdowns have forced us into two camps: Taking out and cooking out. Stop the styrofoam madness. Toss something on the FIREDISC® instead. And be sure to tune in for Fired Up Friday, Fired Up Live, and FIREDISC® University for fellowship and tips.

Family-style dining is it in 2021. What new dishes will you try in the new year? What will emerge as your new family favorites, and how can you experiment with your FIREDISC®?


Resolution 2: CAMP MORE

They say campsite reservations are booming at a 500% uptick. Can you imagine? Even if you have to go off the grid (FIREDISC® Nation knows how) let’s head outdoors, y’all. So many would-be travelers aren’t getting to Paris these days, so they’re pitching tents instead.

Trends to watch in 2021: A need for basic, nourishing recipes (such as Asian cod soup) and also some indulgent choices (sockeye soy salmon). Let’s eat.


Resolution 3: FISH MORE

Have you seen the new gear for 2021? Kayaks, coastal cards, shallow water anchors – and a new terminator HD swim gig we can’t wait to cast. Time to consult the Farmer’s Almanac and see what you can drum up for dinner. It’s been a trusted source for generations.

The important thing: plan a day to do it. Find a lake, pond, or stream, and head out. You don’t even have to take the fresh catch home – FIREDISC® is built to haul and cooks it all.



Resolution 4: EAT HEALTHIER

COVID-19 transformed how we buy food. We’re reading labels. Fixing our dinners. Let healthy choices continue. What you put in your FIREDISC® is what you put in your body. It’s not a bad idea to add a few vegetarian choices to your FIREDISC® lineup, such as poblano cream soup.

It’s not just about calories and fat: We should resolve to return to hearty breakfast, not just on weekends. Try this campside avocado and egg breafkast on a random Tuesday morning.



Reduce stress. Recharge. Boost creativity. Get more exercise. All this is possible when you get outside a little more. Take in the fresh air, lush foliage, open space, and sunshine. Take a walk, toss a ball, work in the yard – and fire up the FIREDISC®.

You might see lots of hiking mountain peaks and surfing rad waves as you scroll through your social media feeds. Simply put, just getting outside to relax is a step in the right direction.

Pro tip: Give the gift of FIREDISC® to your friends, so you don’t have to do all the cooking.


Get started (or upgrade) with FIREDISC® today

You could go the treadmill route, or sell all your belongings and live off the land. Or, you could center your resolutions game on something people gather ‘round anyway: A FIREDISC® cooker. (Actually, the ‘disc can coexist with the treadmill and certainly adjust to life off the grid.) Look into your FIREDISC® start or upgrade now.