Best bet: 4 reasons bundling is big for new FIREDISC owners

It’s a fine art, FIREDISC® cooking.

Also, it’s a simple try. And when you bundle your FIREDISC® buy, you’re getting all kinds of benefits. Here’s what we’re talking about.

  1. It’s a great value

You get more for your money when choosing from the fleet of fantastic FIREDISC® bundles. You’re set from Ultimate Cooking Weapons to the coolest Koozies on the block.

PRO TIP: Read through each bundle description. They’re designed for hunters, RVers, tailgaters, and more. There’s one right for you.

  1. You get cool stuff

Let this sink in: There’s one made for you backyard chefs. It’s got everything you need. You too, Mr. Sportsman. We build bundles in anticipation of what you’re going to need to succeed.

PRO TIP: A limited-edition tall cooker bundle includes an Ultimate Frying Weapon. It’s a great, simple way to get started.

  1. You’re ready to roll right away

When you make a big buy and don’t get all you need to start? That stings, man. Not so with a FIREDISC® bundle. From the Conversion Adaptor Hose With Gauginator® to the Wind Helmet, you’re set.

PRO TIP: Check out this blog for tips on what to do early in your new life as a FIREDISC® owner.

  1. It’s only the beginning

Cooking with your FIREDISC® bundle is an exercise in dream-making. You’ll love the weapons you get; you’ll dream of the weapons you want. (Those about the Ultimate Flattop Lid and Ultimate Steaming Grate? They recur until you get them.)

PRO TIP: Consider a charity bundle. The Captains for Clean Water bundle benefits a great cause. Read about Captains for Clean Water here.

Let’s get ready to bundle

The ceiling is high for FIREDISC® chefs. Especially when you start out with a bundle. Get yours now and be set for fall cooking.