How to get ready for fall outdoor cooking

Here’s the scenario: Summer heat is gone, the days are growing shorter, and you’re ready for fall flavors.

For many, summer cooking blends right into fall. Regardless, there are steps to take to make the transition in seasons. Here’s to football, fall beers, and fabulous cooking.

Here’s how to be ready.

Fun facts about fall

This season is a buffet of deliciousness. But also cool facts to drop on the family. Check these out.

  • Brussels sprouts can be bitter. Avoid overcooking by tossing them on the FIREDISC®, in a recipe like this one.
  • Apples for all. Did you know there are 7,500 varieties worldwide, and 2,500 in the USA? Get your fix in this dessert.
  • Only Americans call it fall. Brits call it “autumn,” as we sometimes do. Before the 16th century, everyone called it “harvest.”

How to prep for fall cooking

It’s a damn good time of year for cooking. Let’s go.

  1. Rich recipes are ripe for the taking

No need to file away recipes you’ve enjoyed all year. Steaks, pork loin, burgers, dogs … carry them right into autumn. These are perfect for tailgates and Sunday afternoon barbecues at home.

PRO TIP: Don’t stop there. Ribs and other meats make fall great. Try these charred and sugared apples on the side.


Apples, Charred and Sugared

If your apple-eating tendencies are chomping and slicing, you’re doing it wrong. Toss some on the ‘disc. Here’s how.

Apples, Charred and Sugared

  1. Clean your ‘disc

Even if you’ve used your cooker through the dog days of summer, now’s a great time for a deep clean. Here’s how:


PRO TIP: Ensure the regulator is OFF when you’re finished cooking or when the FIREDISC® cooker is not in use.

  1. Appreciate the propane

For versatility and ease of use, you can’t beat propane, especially against charcoal. Propane is a perfect candidate for both home and camp cooking, as well as the tailgate. Nab a couple of extra green tanks and go.

PRO TIP: Pre-heat your FIREDISC® cooker on medium for 10-15 minutes. Use high heat for searing and only in small amounts. Medium works well for hot and fast cooking. For holding finished foods, use low heat.

  1. Fall recipes

Drum up a full meal, pair it with your favorite alcohol, and settle in for autumn dining at its finest. You can go with small plates and grilled veggies, such as these Thrilled to be Grilled Cabbage Steaks. This Grilled Flatbread recipe is also incredible.

PRO TIP: Braising is a great cooking method for cooler days. It doesn’t take expensive cuts of meat to become delicious meals. Try this Pork Shanks recipe this fall.


Good To Go Grilled Flatbread

There’s no guilt over carbs when making the bread from scratch.



  1. Protect your beautiful cooker

The reward of cooking on a FIREDISC® is cooking for years on a FIREDISC® cooker. Check out the line of protective covers you can get. Bring your FIREDISC® inside after it cools and is clean, or at least cover it.

PRO TIP: Living the FIREDISC® Life means a lifetime of learning. Check out these tips to elevate your cooking game.