Get set: Your guide to transitioning to fall cooking mode

You’ve set the bar high all summer.

Your cooking life shifts to autumn, with tailgating, camping, and more. It’s a smooth switch, but some things are essential. Not the least is trading in the flip-flops and finding something warm for your head.

Here are five things to do to get a move on. But first …

It’s a good time for a deep clean

As seasons change, it’s an opportunity to hit reset on your FIREDISC® cooker readiness. Check out this video for tips on how to give it a good once-over.


Ways your FIREDISC® life changes in the fall

There are zero reasons you can’t keep your FIREDISC® cooker lit all year long. Here’s how to get your fall cooking on.

  1. Onion, squash, and sweet potatoes star

The goal: To cook delicious food that sticks with you. For a hunt, for a hike, for an afternoon watching football. This triple-play of ingredients brings that sticks-to-your-ribs goodness we all need.

RECOMMENDED: Get going in this Blackened Flank Steak with Pepper and Onions recipe. Chicken Thighs with Butternut Squash is nice too.

  1. Autumn barbecues are cool

Cooking comes full circle. A lit FIREDISC® cooker makes a cozy converging place. It’s usually the center of the fun anyway. Light up a fire pit or two to add to the ambiance, and eat outside, too.

RECOMMENDED: Go big-time with Duck Flocking Gumbo for the group. Follow up with Shauna’s Sensational Fried Ice Cream.

  1. You’ll have to think of safety

Are you cooking in a carport or under an awning? They’re approved methods for combating weather. Don’t fire up the cooker in enclosed spaces, though. The risks of something going wrong are too great.

RECOMMENDED: Stay warm with anything containing rum during your outdoor excursion. Or bring a taste of spring with Wild Rose Petal Sangria.

  1. The aromas

Surrender to the smells of fall cooking. Chicken, steak, and burgers sizzling send a beacon to noses around the tailgate. Crisp fall air with aromas is part of the experience.

RECOMMENDED: Bust out Deer Camp Fried Steak with Gravy before your opener. See what happens. Or put on the FIREDISC® Steamed Tamales.

  1. Prep inside

A thoughtful step: Do your chopping, marinating, and mixing indoors. Doing the work on a picnic table in summer is quaint. Chilly conditions are no fun for cutting up veggies. Work ahead.

RECOMMENDED: Prep for Italian Sausage, Vegetables, and Agave Nectar inside. Or do breakfast for dinner with South Texas Breakfast Tacos.

Our ancestors didn’t pack away the cooker for winter. (They’d starve.) Don’t get soft because the weather’s changing. Brush up on more fall cooking and get that cooker fired up today.