10 Reasons To Purchase An Outdoor Disc Cooker

You’ve been kicking around the idea of an outdoor disc cooker, and you’re wondering if this is the year to pull the trigger and finally make that purchase. You love the fact that the FIREDISC® gives you a high-strength carbon-steel cooking surface, a powder-coated exterior and a versatile cooking machine that goes where you go. You know it’s the gdisc cooker for you and you’ve already been looking up recipes. You just want to know if it’s time to buy.


1. Portability

The FIREDISC® Cooker is easy to set up and take down in seconds, making it an incredibly portable option. Cook where you want, when you want, what you want. The FIREDISC® is great on the back porch, but it’s also awesome for tailgating, fishing trips, hunting trips and a whole lot more.

2. A huge range of cooking options

Our cooker lets you cook everything from your morning bacon and eggs to vegetables and hamburgers for lunch to steak and seafood for dinner. With a solid premium surface, you get various cooking options so there is something for everyone.

3. Even heating

With a traditional grill, you get hot spots over the burners. The FIREDISC® surface heats up evenly so you can cook everything to perfection.

4. Simple cooking for smaller items

Traditional grills also make it difficult or even impossible to cook smaller items like chopped vegetables and meats. They just keep falling through the cracks. Don’t even think about eggs or ground meat. With the FIREDISC® cooker, you’ll find plenty of recipes with all of these delicious options and more. The unbroken surface is perfect for steaks and hamburgers, but it also works beautifully with vegetables, stir-fry, eggs and other foods that you just can’t cook on a grate.

5. Long-lasting quality

We stand behind every FIREDISC® cooker we make. They’re designed for long-lasting quality and durability. This is an outdoor disc cooker you can confidently use for decades. We give you plenty of time to hone your craft and your cooking skills.

6. Simple cleaning.

You don’t want to spend time cleaning up after the meal, and you don’t have to with the FIREDISC®. We have a one-minute cleaning process where you simply wipe the smooth surface with water and lightly coat it with cooking oil. That’s it. Stow it away and enjoy your time with family and friends.

7. Clean fuel

Don’t want to deal with the mess of charcoal or a wood-burning fire? Still want to cook outside? The FIREDISC® runs on simple propane canisters. This clean fuel gives you long-lasting heat for extensive cooking without any of the mess.

8. Three heat zones

While the griddle doesn’t get traditional hot spots that make cooking hard, it does have three different heat zones specifically designed so that you can cook meat and vegetables to perfection at the same time. Never deal with cold sides or burned main courses again.

9. Time-tested seasoning

Our outdoor disc cooker has a porous surface that allows it to hold more flavor than cast iron, despite the easy cleaning process. This makes it easy to season the surface, and it just gets better as time goes by. Add a wonderful, authentic flavor to any meal.

10. A five-gallon capacity

Unlike flat-surface grills, the FIREDISC® has a curved surface and outside lip design that gives it a five-gallon capacity. In addition to traditional grilling items, you can make chili, stew, and soup. You can even fill it with oil and deep-fry any meal to perfection. The versatility is never-ending.

As you can see, the FIREDISC® gives you more than you’ll get with any other option, and it just gets better when you factor in our cooker tools and accessories. This is the year to revolutionize the way you cook outside!