5 reasons to get outside and cook

Many in FIREDISC® Nation didn’t put the cooker away all winter. But cooking in the spring and summer lands differently. When the weather warms, it’s like one giant winter cloud gets lifted and pushed out of the way.

But with food delivery and plenty to eat inside, why venture out? There are about 1,323,397 reasons, but we’ll stick with five for brevity.

  1. Potential for healthy foods

Grill some spicy cod. Steam some groovy spring rolls. You’ve got some health-minded cooking methods at your fingertips. Remember to balance it out with some Fried Tilapia with Corn Salsa.

  1. You’ll sleep better

Seriously! Eating outdoors can help you sleep. Fresh air and the relaxing air of a fresh-air dinner cut stress. Quality time with those you care about is also a factor. Add in delicious food and easy clean-up, and it’s ZZZZs all summer.

  1. Have more people over

We’ve been hindered by low headcounts for long enough. Even pre-pandemic, a warm-weather dinner party is better on the deck than inside. Time to gather ‘round.

  1. Outdoor cooking gets you … outside

Vitamin D is good for the body, sunshine is good for the soul. So too is a lingering night of socializing or solo time under the stars. Go barefoot (but only after you’ve finished making the Fried Chicken.

  1. Keeps the heat and smells out

It’s getting hot out — you really want to crank up the heat by cooking in the kitchen? That Buttered Cajun Shrimp smells like a fantasy off of the ‘disc, but not so much embedded in your couch cushions.


Hey, there’s a reason the days get longer as the weather warms up. It gives you more time to cook outside. Let’s eat.