5 reasons to get a versatile FIREDISC® cooker now

Recovery from charcoal grill life isn’t easy. All that waiting, all those hot dogs that slip through the grills. There’s a better way to do your outdoor cooking.

A FIREDISC® cooker is a beautiful thing for myriad reasons. But why you? Why now? We’ll tell you why.

  1. So damned versatile

You could cook up Mozarella Cheese Sticks for the kids and FIREDISC® Pizza for you and your honey. Spend a weekend making Fried Tilapia with Corn Salsa at the campground. Or a Wednesday night making FIREDISC® Paella for friends. If you can dream it up, you can cook it up.

  1. It’s economy safe

Let’s face it — gas prices kind of suck right now. Invest in a FIREDISC® cooker and propane tanks. You’ll cut back on driving and have all kinds of deliciousness right at home.

  1. It’s a new twist on favorite recipes

So many recipes can adapt to FIREDISC® cooking. Love wings? Try Osborn Naked Buffalo Chicken Wings and Drums. Digging lemon and fish on your griddle? Give Lemon Caper Rockfish a shot. Old faves come off differently.

  1. You can watch and learn

FIREDISC® Nation on Facebook is a terrific source for recipes and other ideas. Plus, you can tune in to Fired Up Friday and Fired Up Live for more. When your ‘disc arrives, you’ve only just begun. 

  1. It promotes creativity

Try turkey on this sucker with the Garlic Herb Turkey on the ‘Disc recipe. Add a little cinnamon and sugar to your Doughnut Holes? Why the hell not? It’s a snap to create something from ground zero for a recipe on this thing, too.

The choice to get into FIREDISC® life doesn’t often need intervention, but we’re here for that if necessary. These reasons alone are pretty convincing. Get in on the life and see what deliciousness you can cook up. Let’s eat.