7 awesome fall recipes for the FIREDISC®

Fall weather doesn’t have to end your grilling season, no matter where you live.

Especially if you’re cooking on a FIREDISC® cooker, you veteran cookers out there know – you can fire up the FIREDISC® any time, anywhere.

To keep that momentum going from a summer full of delicious cooking, we’ve picked 7 recipes to recommend this fall. Let us know if you have other favorites for autumn, and how these beauties have come through on your FIREDISC®.

This list is perfect for any cooker. Whether you’re tailgating (at the stadium or in the driveway, we’ll see), heading to the campsite, or content to stay put in the backyard, these recipes can go with you, too. If you’re a rookie, this list might be a great place to start. The FIREDISC® will change your life, from the moment you get her seasoned.

Why should I grill this fall?

Well, for one, it’s warmer when you gather ‘round the FIREDISC®. And it’s your chance to toss some fall vegetables on the grill, such as carrots, potatoes, and lots of variety of squash. And there’s just something about a dish prepared on a FIREDISC®; tastewise, you can’t replicate in the kitchen. There’s the 2-minute cleanup. Who can clean a kitchen in 2 minutes? Also, keep your FIREDISC® away from the wind (unless you have the FIREDISC® wind helmet. Highly recommended, by the way.)


7 great FIREDISC recipes for fall

Sockeye Soy Salmon

Give it 45 minutes in the refrigerated marinade, 12 minutes on the grill, and you have a delicious dinner. Grill skin down first on medium heat, and flip carefully after 6 minutes. The type of salmon makes a difference – we highly recommend getting sockeye for the best results.

Great served with: Fresh spinach or bok choy.

Did you know? Sockeye salmon is known for its bright red skin. However, the fish is blue while it’s in the ocean and red in freshwater.


Fried Chicken

It’s right in fall, winter, spring, and summer, honestly. A southern treat with the nationwide appeal, this dish is made with a simple ingredients list but with spectacular results. Freakin’-A-Fowl Seasoning is the perfect spice for a one-of-a-kind taste.

Great served with: Biscuits, macaroni and cheese, and potato salad.

Did you know? The Scottish first fried chicken, and, lucky for us, brought the dish to America with them. We appreciate that.


Station 12 Butternut Squash Soup

No fall recipe lineup would be worth its gourds without a butternut squash recipe. This rich and creamy rendition is the perfect remedy for those chilly autumn days. Pro tip: Try a squeeze of lemon or lime, or a dash of sherry toward the end of the recipe.

Great served with: Salad, roasted veggies, or glazed carrots.

Did you know? Butternut squash is an excellent source of vitamin A. They have a long shelf life, and can last for months in cool, dry storage conditions.


Spicy Chicken Stir Fry

Next time that craving for takeout takes over, push back. This one has two types of mushrooms because we know FIREDISC® Nation isn’t interested in taking shortcuts. Prepare all your ingredients before you fire up so that you can be one with the ‘disc at cooking time.

Great served with: Fried rice (of course!), fruit (oranges or pineapple, for semi-dessert).

Did you know? Stir-frying originated in China, and that woks appeared as early as the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. to 220 A.D. – way before the FIREDISC® was born.)


Breaded Tilapia and Roasted Vegetables

Talk about an elevated fish fry. Tip: rinse filets in cold water and pat dry with a paper towel before you fry them. Some chefs soak tilapia filets in buttermilk for an hour first. All you need for the light breading: egg wash and bread crumbs. Simple, yet elegant.

Great served with: Along with the roasted veggies, try Brussels sprouts or broccolini pasta.

Did you know? Tilapia is the world’s second-most harvested fish, behind carp. They’re often raised symbiotically with shrimp, which improves productivity for both species.


FIREDISC® Ratatouile

Watch out: Once you serve up this restaurant-quality dish, you’ll be held to a higher standard of culinary excellence. It’s both intricate yet easy to make. This delicious French stew is perfect for those chilly autumn nights.

Great served with: Mushroom rice pilaf, tossed salad, grilled flank steak.

Did you know? Originating in the south of France, ratatouille translates as “motley stew.” Military personnel used to make it of beans, potatoes, mixed veggies, and fatty meat.


FIREDISC® Dry Age Ribeye

It’s like the ribeye was made for the FIREDISC. This is the ultimate steak for steak lovers, in the ultimate cooker for cookers. Tip: Pick a steak with a bit of marbling of lean meat and fat.

Great served with: Cheesy scalloped potatoes, garlic buttered pasta shells, or grilled veggies.

Did you know? In Australia and New Zealand, they call it a Scottish filet. (Not sure what they call them in Scotland.)


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