Which FIREDISC® cook are you?

FIREDISC® Cookers have the reputation of being the focal point when it comes to good food and good times. Gather ‘round isn’t just a tagline – it’s a way of life. Whether you tote your FIREDISC® on trips or have built a custom stand for it on the patio, you know how it is.

Every now and then, it’s cool to know just where you stand in comparison to others in FIREDISC ® Nation. From the day you season your first FIREDISC®, you’re already becoming the cook you’ll be.

Some of us stick with the basics. Nothing wrong with that. Why fix it if it isn’t broken? You can’t go wrong with burgers, steak, or fajitas on the FIREDISC®. Others see what’s possible, and their minds get moving … what if I tried this?

Take this short quiz now to see what kind of FIREDISC® cook you are – and catch suggestions for accessories, apparel, and recipes to match you.

Take the Quiz

QUESTION 1 – The neighbors are coming over tonight for dinner. No doubt you’ll fire up the FIREDISC®. What will you cook in it?

a. Stuffed Burgers. Crispy French Fries. Classic.

b. This recipe for Firecracker Chicken I found, but have never made. Might tweak it, too.

c. I’ll get Sweet Potato Quesadillas going on one disc, Shrimp Paella in the other.


QUESTION 2 – The inlaws are coming over, and you have to make a good impression, after what happened at Thanksgiving last year. (Don’t ask.) What’s your best move?

a. Call them and ask, “how do you like your steak?”

b. Pick up a bottle of wine and shopping list for FIREDISC® Gumbo

c.Plan a meal of Fried Quail Sliders, Sockeye Soy Salmon, and Whiskey Chocolate Balls


QUESTION 3 – You’re a contestant on a new cooking show. What’s your go-to for the money?


a. Chicken Tacos

b. Fisherman’s Stew

c. Asparagus Turkey Fry


QUESTION 4 – You really love your FIREDISC®. You show this by …

a. Covering it after it cools down, every single time

b. Posting videos of your creations in the Facebook group

c. Building a workspace around it and giving her a name


QUESTION 5 – Your cooking apron says:

a. Kiss the Cook

b. Stand Back – I’m Gonna Cook

c. I Cook as Good as I Look


QUESTION 6 – My go-to seasonings for FIREDISC® cooking are:


a. Bodacious Beef Seasoning

b. Freaking A Fowl Chicken Seasoning

c. All 6 FIREDISC seasonings or bust


QUESTION 7 – When I’m asked when I got my FIREDISC®, I reply with:

a. The season

b. The month

c. The exact time you unboxed it



Give yourself:

1 point for each A

2 points for each Bs

3 points for each Cs


If you got:


You treat your FIREDISC® like your old grill but with more TLC. Neighbors hope you’ll invite them over. Your motto: You just can’t beat a good burger on the FIREDISC®.

Your accessory: The Ultimate Cooking Weapon

Your apparel: FIREDISC® patch trucker hat

Your recipe to try: Philly Cheesesteak



You’ve already run through a good dozen FIREDISC® recipes – adding your own twist. You’re thinking about your next FIREDISC® adventure as you finish your current one. Your motto: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Your accessory: Ultimate Cooking Weapon and Ultimate Frying Weapon

Your apparel: Traditional trucker hat and FIREDISC® Badge Logo Shirt

Your recipe to try: Easy T-bone Florentine



FIREDISC® cooking is an art, not just an activity. You could make a Complete Sunrise Breakfast with your eyes closed – but why on earth would you? Your motto: I cook – therefore, I AM.

Your accessory: Ultimate Cooking Weapon, Ultimate Frying Weapon, and Ultimate Gripping Weapon (never leave home without ‘em)

Your apparel: FIREDISC® River Bush Hat, FIREDISC® Loaded & Tanked T-shirt, and a Come and Take It FIREDISC® Heat Ring for your cooker

Your recipe to try: Try? You must be kidding. You have FIREDISC® recipes to CREATE.

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